lundi 11 septembre 2017

Welcome back !

Good evening guys,

I have stopped to share my life on this blog 2 years ago now. I was quite lost about all this blogger stuff and to be honest I did not have loads of things to share neather. After 3 years in London I just came back in July in Brittany. 

This 3 years has been so amazing, I have met some incredible people and I will never forget them. I am now more confident in my life and work and ready for new challenges. 

That is why today I would like to start over with new contents and pictures on this blog. As before a mix of travel and fashion. 

This summer 2017 has been incredible, I had the chance to travel a lot. 

Thank you for you support on Instagram and hope that you will enjoy this new feed. 



My first trip this summer was in Belle ile en Mer, a cute island in Brittany. My family have a house there and I used to come every summer when I was a child. It was such a good time and hope you will love this place too.

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